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Our main business area is to provide AI and VR/AR-solutions for education.


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Alvin AI

Alvin AI

Alvin is a programmable AI, a new kind of digital being for Human-Computer Interaction and robotics.

Alvin is programmed on the fly using natural English language dialogue (both spoken and textual input). Alvin can learn new words, concepts, facts, logic and procedures. Alvin executes procedures based on given logic and knowledge.

Alvin simulates the human behavior by maintaining a conversation dialogue with the user, by observing its surrounding environment, remembering it and reacting to it. Alvin can operate autonomously or with a human guidance.

Alvin itself is developed in an Open Source SW project so anyone can develope and contribute (EnglishScript GitHub project).

Alvin gradually learns all about the user to be more personal and to serve him/her better. At the same time Alvin developes its own mind, skills and personality.

Alvin requires no network connection or Cloud to operate since nothing gets stored to the network.

To control user's devices Alvin can move between them or just remotely controls them via network.

Application areas:

Alvin AI Android app

Alvin is typically used with a mobile device. At the moment only Android devices are supported.

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EnglishScript is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for using natural English language for programming a programmable AI, i.e. Alvin AI.

It also provides a runtime for different operating systems and product platforms (e.g. Android, Linux, MS Windows, LEGO Mindstorms, Raspberry Pi)

Simua provides also a SW license for using Simua technology in commercial applications (please contact

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DemoHackers is an open community and a site where the users of Alvin AI can share their own made demo projects with others.

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Tommi Mänttäri ( - AI, NLP, Business Mgmt

Mika Saari ( - VR/AR, Cloud

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